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InsulFloor: Durable, Lightweight, Insulated, Floor Sheeting

InsulFloor is a lightweight, easy to handle & install, pre-laminated insulated flooring system ideally suited to first-floor extensions, sloping blocks, raised floors, construction with stumps and bearers, granny flats and transportable homes / compounds.

Our proprietary InsulFloor system consists of:

  • Sandwich panels comprised of high quality, durable 10mm (top – grey colour) and 6mm (bottom – white colour) MgO boards laminated to both sides of 34mm high density, closed cell XPS insulation board.
  • PVC H-sections with lengths of 3600mm which align the panels.
    The panels are very light (20kg/m2) and easy to handle & install. They come in the following sizes:
  • 2400mm (for 300mm and/or 600mm joist centres) x 600mm x 50mm
  • 2700mm (for 300mm and/or 450mm joist centres) x 600mm x 50mm

InsulFloor's benefits are:

PROVIDES COMFORT & SAVINGS: InsulFloor's system insulation value is R2.25 (with an enclosed subfloor - Note: with polyweave sarking under the joists, this increases to R3.25) thereby providing you great comfort and valuable energy savings. InsulFloor's insulation capability is far above most other under-flooring products and, since there are no thermal breaks at the joists, provides a much more consistent insulation coverage. As proven by tests conducted with Devex Systems, under-floor heating experts, InsulFloor provides a 21% saving on the electricity needed to power their under-floor heating systems when compared to alternative products with no insulation.

PROVIDES PEACE & QUIET: InsulFloor has excellent noise (both airborne and impact noise) insulation capability due to the damping effect of the varying densities of its components. So no stress if the kids are running amok upstairs; you will barely hear them.

ECONOMICAL: In addition to the above great attributes, InsulFloor provides a great return on investment through an affordable purchase price (it is less expensive than many competitor products which have little or no insulation capability), energy savings and labour savings on installation.

LIGHT WEIGHT; THUS, EASY TO HANDLE & INSTALL: At only 20kg per m2, InsuFloor is extremely light when compared to Hebel Powerfloor (55kg/m2) and compressed fibre cement sheets (30kg/m2). Thus, it is very easy to handle which saves time and money on installation.

SECURE AND STRONG: Notwithstanding its light weight, InsulFloor:

- Has a solid feel without the "bounce" and noise frequently associated with particle board floors.

- As proven by extensive tests conducted with VIPAC, can be used as a platform floor for double-storey buildings with tile roofs (noggins in between the joists may be required).

- Can be used on joist centres up to 600mm.

DURABLE AND TOUGH: InsulFloor's components are not susceptible to mould, vermin, termites and will not rot

GREEN AND ECO-FRIENDLY: Over and above InsulFloor's outstanding thermal insulation capability which saves energy, it also has a low embodied energy. As a result, InsulFloor has a favourable life cycle and a potentially long and sustainable life due to its durability

PROVEN: InsulFloor has been extensively and accredited; including for:

- Compliance to BCA AS/NZS 1170.1 2002 for residential use

- Use as a platform floor under wall frames

- Being asbestos free

- Very low ignitability, flame propagation and heat relese

VERSATILE APPLICATIONS: InsulFloor can be used for: just about any floor substrate application; with timber and/or steel frames; in bathrooms/wet areas; with all floor coverings (including tiles and stone).

Product Attributes Weight- kg/m2  System R Value*  Potential energy cost savings*** Solid Feel  Sound Insulation  Wet area Compatibility  Speed & Ease of Installation 
 InsulFloor 20 2.25**      ✓✓ Yes
 Compressed Fibre  Cement 30 0.93 xx ✓✓ Yes  
 Hebel PowerFloor 55 1.49   Yes xx
 Particle Board - 22mm 14 1.06  xx xx xx No
 Composite particle  board  & foil 20 1.66 (only heat down) xx xx No  


Product Costs $ Materials Price Range/m2 $ Installation price Range/ m2 Insulation add-on: Cost of material +Installation/m2 Total (including Insulation) 
 InsulFloor $50 - $60  $10 - $15  $0  $60 - $75
 Compressed Fibre  Cement $50 - $60  $15 - $25 $15 - $20  $80 - $105
 Hebel PowerFloor $50 - $60  $25 - $35 $15 - $20  $90 - $115
Particle Board - 22mm $15 - $20  $5 - $10 $15 - $20  $35 - $50
 Composite particle board  & foil $30 - $40  $5 - $10 $15 - $20  $50 - $70

* = R-values apply to an enclosed subfloor and assume no floor coverings

** = R3.25 with polyweave sarking under joists

*** = eg: with underfloor heating



Average: -

Poor: xx

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